Rigid case / Targus SafePort / iPad 2-3-4 / Black
Étui robuste pour tablette

Rigid case / Targus SafePort / iPad 2-3-4 / Black

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Shield the iPad from the elements and much more with a military grade case that’s designed for long-lasting protection.


The SafePort Case Rugged Max Pro for iPad is one of the best in iPad security. Specifically designed to offer protection for the harshest environments, this case fits perfectly to absorb shock and other potential damage.


Anti-skid technology prevents sliding on slippery surfaces. An easy-to-grip design also ensures fewer accidental slips.

Designed for the iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4

Built-in dust filters and silicone plugs over port openings create an impenetrable shield around your device’s most sensitive spots.

Hard exterior shell; Shock absorbing silicone; Built-in screen protector; Silicone plugs over audio and power ports; Double-padded corners

Hard-shell design offers a molded exterior to protect fragile glass displays that are prone to damage when bent

Independently tested and certified to meet the stringent performance standards outlined in US Department of Defense MIL-STD-810F.

Built-in screen protection is included to defend against scratches from dust, dirt, and debris.

A multi-layer protection system protects against harsh weather, tough working conditions, sudden drops, and accidental slips.

Features built-in screen protection and silicone plugs to cover audio and power ports. The perfect-fit silicone plugs keep out dust and other hazardous materials.

Double padded corners for more protection when dropped.

Made with a hardened polycarbonate shell with shock absorbing silicone


WORKS WITH iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 STYLE 

Folio COLOR Black 

PACKAGE DIMENSIONS 7.75" x 11.14" x 0.64" (W x H x D) 

Warranty : 1 Year